The biggest perk of writing

One of the unexpected perks of being a writer is the amount of reading I have to do. 

Did I mention that I love my job? 

Whether I’m copywriting or romance writing, I find myself learning from everything I read every day.  I could be learning about a new craft, a new financial product or the history of jewellery for one of my clients, to write engaging copy for their customers.  I might discover the strengths of a new piece of software that makes my business run more efficiently (hello, Trello).  I may even have to sprawl out on my sofa reading new romance authors, all in the name of writing fiction.  

Bestselling authors and English teachers alike will tell you that if you want to write then you have to read, every day.  And they’re not talking about social media feeds (although this is an essential daily task; I just have to remember not to disappear with my scrolling like Alice down the rabbit hole).  

And yes, bad books and bad websites can teach us much, such as why certain plots are unbelievable, or how to bore readers, but I prefer to spend my time with good reading, whether for business or pleasure – and I’ll pop up reviews of favourite reads I’ve found onto this blog.  You should see my DNR list (Do Not Recommend). 

My preferred read is possibly the amount of plot I can legitimately devour, racing away to the climatic insights.  I’m a bit of a binge-reader when it comes to fiction, especially sweet romances with characters I’d want to befriend.   Once I start with a book I like to dispatch time away for a wander and absorb myself with the friends in my latest read, their hopes and their challenges, championing them on to victory. 

If I start a new novel, or a shorter novella, I should expect to lose the rest of the day (or night, if I’ve been lethal enough to be on my Kindle at 11pm).  And the best kind of story?  When I burn dinner or *miss breakfast. 

*Who am I kidding?  I never miss breakfast. 

What are you reading at the moment? 


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