My novels

A couple of years ago I formed a potential idea for a romance series – probably inspired by the fantastic romantic stories I was bingeing on – and no matter what the characters threw my way, I found a fix for every plot hole. Three books were planned for my Love is Everything series and the first, Everything Except You, was written in about 18 months. The second book, Everything and Nothing, found shape and publication during that particular period in time of March – July 2020.

And the ideas for exploring the stories of more of my characters, poured in; the trilogy is on the way to becoming a decathlon, with a Christmas novella, Everything at Christmas, due out in Winter 2020.

Everything, Except You

What happens when you think you have everything, except the one you can’t live without?

Lucy is a high-achieving academic in London, living a fulfilled life, far removed from her suffocating upbringing, on the cusp of promotion.

Cain is a successful songwriter, travelling regularly between his home in North Cornwall and his life in Tennessee. He’s finally on the verge of his own recording career.

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Everything and Nothing

Elle has always had everything – the perfect scores, the perfect career, any man she’s ever wanted. A chance mistake at a gallery undermines everything she’s worked for, until she has nothing left.

Jam learned as a child to appreciate the simple things: family, the water and most of all music. A drummer by nature and profession he has watched Elle from afar for the six years he’s known her and that’s just how he intends to keep things between them. Besides, he’s on the lookout for the elusive Mrs Jam.

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Everything at Christmas

The next adventure in the Love is Everything series is almost here! Lucy and Cain are set to spend Christmas in Cornwall with their family but a sudden change of plans means that everyone is now heading to the Nashville Narrators lodge in just 10 days.

Can love survive everything this Christmas?