Book Review: Christmas in July – Enni Amanda

I’m feeling very festive in Devon as the month of December and Christmas reading continues, this time with a fabulous little find. New Zealand forms the backdrop to the cosy and dramatic romance novella between Screenwriter Riley, Film Director Damian and Ski Instructor Jonas in Christmas in July.  Well-travelled author Enni Amanda writes believable characters and snow scenes, heightening the who-will-Riley-choose decision being made.  I was rooting for Riley from the first rescue. 

I’ve never visited New Zealand, but I am drawn to fiction from the southern hemisphere, and Enni’s writing certainly makes me explore post-pandemic travel options, whether to the home of the Kiwi bird or a return to Scandinavia I’m yet undecided – I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to visit Norway, Finland and Denmark; Sweden is on my To Travel list.  I love writers who combine travel with their stories, and this has been a wonderful introduction to a new writer for me. 

Christmas in July offers a sweet romance to readers, with just the right amount of warm-hearted tension. With seven chapters and a delightful epilogue, this short read is perfect to enjoy one afternoon in December or July, no matter where you live in the world.  

I’m looking forward to reading how Enni, a new travel-based fiction writer, writes about Tiny Homes in her novel A Tiny House on Wheels,  which I’ve added to my TBR list. If you’ve never heard of tiny homes before, think of a beautifully-styled, high end static caravan base that nomads or first-time buyers own.  Occasionally the water supply is problematic.  Of course, I’m fully expecting to want to immediately buy a tiny home, except they’re more practical for somewhere with lots of land, like Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand.  

Which books make you want to travel the world after you’ve finished reading them? 


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